Effective Organisational Leadership course in London,Kuala Lumpur,Istanbul,Barlen,Paris,Roma

Almjd for Quality and Human Resource Development invite you to participate in our training course:

Effective Organisational Leadership
Which will be held evry week in London, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, Barlen, Paris, Roma, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Dubai

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Which Accredited by the University of Western America and Harvard, Cambridge, and Manchester International Training Collages

The following are Ledarship and administrative courses:

Business Strategy Essentials

Effective Business Decisions Using Data Analysis

Managing and Leading in a Multi - Cultural Workplace

Advanced Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Goal Setting , Planning and Decision Making

Smart Leadership - Achieving Strategy through Leadership and Innovation

The Leadership Development Programme

Leadership, Influence and Trust

Advanced Conflict Resolution and Change Management Strategies

Innovative Leadership Competencies

Managerial Leadership

Quality Assurance and Quality Control - Using ISO9001 as a framework

The Essentials of Leadership

Effective Organisational Leadership

Strategy Excellence

Communication, Coordination and Leadership

Leadership, Creativity and Peak Performance

Strategic Planning, Development and Implementation

Competency - Based Management

Mastering Finance for Non - Financial Oil and Gas Personnel

Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Managerial Success

Mastering Management Skills

Systems Thinking in Analysing Problems

Customer Service Management

Leadership and Decision - Making in Crisis and Emergency Situations

Accomplished Office Administrator

Effective Self Management

Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities and Deadlines

The Complete Course on Management

Knowledge Management for the Oil and Gas Industry

The Voice of Leadership

Enterprise Content Management Masterclass

Management Excellence Masterclass

Mastering Team Leadership Skills

The Power of Positive Thinking and Attitude

Effective Personal Productivity

Advanced Communication Skills

Continuous Innovation and Process Improvement

IT Service Management

The Management Essentials

Developing Personal Effectiveness with Positive Skills

Leading with Confidence

The Complete Course on Leadership

Improving Productivity and Employee Engagement thru Effective Front Line Leadership

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Pinnacle

Effective Business Risk Management Strategies using ISO 31000 Framework

Leadership, Vision and Organisational Reality

Mastering Supervisory Skills

The Art of Strategic Management

Communication Essentials

High Impact Business Communication

Successful Planning, Organising and Delegating

Decisions, Dynamics and Leadership Styles

Leadership, Innovation and Enterprise Skills

Strategy, Risks, Negotiation and Leadership

Effective People Skills

Mastering Personal and Interpersonal Skills

Developing Emotionally Intelligent Management and Leadership Skills

Leadership and Management Skills for New Manager and Supervisor

Management Reporting and Decision Making

Project Leadership - Developing Skills to Assist in Conflict Resolution

The Practical Leader - Developing and Leading High Performing Teams

Advanced Communication Skills

Mastering Strategic Decision Making

The Art of Leadership

Enterprise Data Secutity and Risk Management

Interpersonal Communication Skills

The Essentials of Leadership and Management

Leadership Best Practices

Integrating Strategic, Operational and Tactical Leadership for Outstanding Performance

Achieving Leadership Success through People and Innovation

Essential Skills for Oil and Gas Professionals

The Complete Course on Management and Leadership

Leading Under Pressure

Management Skills and Techniques

Leadership and Strategic Impact

The Professional Negotiator

Data Management, Manipulation and Analysis using Excel

Effective Time Task and Work Planning

Performance Measurements, Continuous Improvement and Benchmarking

The Effective Supervisor

Leadership and Strategic Thinking in the Oil and Gas Industry

Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills

Fraud, Theft and Corruption in the Workplace

Integrating Management Systems and PAS99 - Development, Implementation and Effective Operation

Advanced Management - Achieving Superior Performance and Strategic Success

Marine Pollution and Management

The Three - Dimensions of Leadership

Strategic Crisis Management

Knowledge Management

Advanced Problem Solving and Decision Making

Business Analysis within a Project Environment

Masterclass - International Oil and Gas Leadership

Advanced Strategic Management

Strategic Planning Professional

Leadership Excellence in Handling Pressure and Stress

Advanced Teamwork and Cooperation Skills

Strategy Design Bootcamp

Effective Office Management

Quality Management Essentials

Leadership and Management Skills for Supervisors

Integrated Management Systems and Risk Management Strategies - Developing and Implementing Best Practices

Strategic Planning, Communication, Measurement and Implementation

Mastering Communication, Negotiation and Presentation Skills

Quality Assurance and Quality Control - Using ISO9001 as a framework

Managerial Leadership

Strategic Enterprise Analysis

Mastering Emotional Intelligence - Skills for Excellent Leadership

Success under Pressure - Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management and Negotiations

Building Task Leadership Skills

Leadership and Management Skills for the 21st Century

Advanced Communication and Problem Solving

Achieving Professional Excellence

Leading with Excellence

Leading and Managing through Strategic Planning and Innovation

The Art of Strategic Management and Leadership

Mastering Management and Leadership Skills

Certificate in Leadership and Management Excellence

Systems Thinking in Analysing Problems

Advanced High Performance Leadership

Strategic Enterprise Analysis

Strategy Excellence

Project Leadership - Developing Skills to Assist in Conflict Resolution

Mastering Team Leadership Skills

The Practical Leader - Developing and Leading High Performing Teams

website :www.almjd-hr.com